Over the last few years, I have written a number of articles. What follows is a collection of the work that I am most proud of including links to my complete body of work written for each site.


The New Punk – Why Hopepunk and Noblebright are the SFF Genres of 2019

Comedy Dies of Old Age

Would LGBTQA Characters Ruin Star Wars?

The Myth of Forced Diversity

Are SJW Taking Over Anime?

Why Aren’t There More LGBTQA X-Men?

Sailor Moon is the Bi Icon We Need


10 Awful Spider-Man Stories That Are Still Canon

10 Amazing Anime Without Source Material

5 X-Men Films Who Could Be in a Solo MCU Films (And 5 Who Should Not)

10 Times the X-Men Films Broke Canon

10 Ultra-Violent 80s and 90s Anime You Need to See

Best Anime Mecha You Need to See 

10 Reasons Venom is Becoming an LGBTQA Cult Film

Ranked: 10 Best Superhero Anime

10 Most Sinister Mysterio Moments

Samurai 8: 10 Things to Expect from the Naruto Creator’s New Manga

All the Captain Marvels, Ranked

10 Reasons Why No One is Talking About Dark Phoenix

10 Reasons Why Mayday Parker Should Be Spider-Girl in the Female Spider-Verse Spin-Off

All You Need to Know About Captain Marvel’s Powers

Pokemon: Strongest Gym Leaders in the Games vs the Anime


10 Best Dragon Ball Z Video Games

13 Worst Castlevania Games

13 Best Castlevania Games

The Best Pokemon for you Based on Myers-Briggs Personality Test – Introvert/Extrovert


Dating Sims and the Decline of Japan’s Birthrate

Why Horror Games are Scarier than Movies

Why Overwatch Represents Fan Demand for Diversity in Video Games

History of Science Fiction Parts I, II, and III

Best H.R. Giger Illustration

Is Marrying for Love a Modern Concept?

Dune and Oil — The Real World Influence Behind Frank Herbert’s Dune

Same Sex Couples in History

Is it Possible to be Fat and Healthy?

Louis Armstrong and Marijuana

15 Must-Watch Anime (for DnD Players)

Analysis of Reefer Madness

Star Wars First Draft — What Could Have Been

Literature and Marijuana: Counter-Culture History Through the Years

Nightmarish Monsters in Science-Fiction (Inspired by Lovecraft)

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