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People Are Seriously Opposed to a Queer Spider-Man. Why?

MCU Fans Need to Calm Down About Jane Foster’s Mighty Thor

My Hero Academia’s Tsuyu Is Toad From X-Men Done Right

All of the Ways the X-Men Could Be Introduced in MCU Phase 5

Sailor Moon Could Beat Dragon Ball Z’s Son Goku (Yes. Really)

Chris Pratt’s ‘Don’t Tread On Me’ T-Shirt Controversy, Explained

No, Scarlett Johansson Shouldn’t Be Able to Play Every Role

Avatar: The Last Airbender Remains One of the Best Fantasy Epics Ever

Two Spider-Man Actors Endorse a Queer Peter Parker – So, Why Not?

Yes, the #NotMyAriel Backlash to The Little Mermaid Casting Is Racist

Image’s Man-Eaters Upset People So Much Its Writer Left Twitter – But Why?

Frank Miller Doesn’t Understand Superman – and He Never Has

Horror Cinematic Universe Theory Connects Over 60 Movies

Evangelion’s Asuka Is One of the Most Fascinating Characters in Anime

Stop Blaming ‘Franchise Fatigue’ For Box Office Failures

After the Child’s Play Remake & Halloween Sequel, Is Freddy or Jason Next?

Marvel’s Avengers May Combine The Team’s Three Most Infamous Comic Stories

Forget Captain America – Chris Evans Is the Social Justice Warrior We Need

Fox’s Fantastic Four vs. X-Men Movie Might’ve Made the FF Reboot Look Good

Can Anime Dub Performances Change How You See a Character?

Is Neon Genesis Evangelion Still Relevant in 2019?

What Superhero Comics Can Learn From Anime About LGBTQA Representation

Godzilla ’94 Could’ve Been a Great American Godzilla Film

Fox’s X-Men Movies Peaked With Days of Future Past

With Game of Thrones Over, Can We Finally Get a Dungeons & Dragons Series?

X-Men: Dazzler’s Long, Glittering Journey to the Big Screen

Avengers: Endgame & Into the Spider-Verse Deal With Failure the Same Way

X-Men: New Theories May Explain Fox’s Tangled Movie Timeline

The MCU’s Greatest Threat Will Return – And Captain Marvel Can’t Stop Him

Scooby-Doo: How Velma Holds Mystery Inc. Together

After Avengers: Endgame, Will the MCU Introduce Riri Williams?

Detective Pikachu’s Formula R Could Fuel a Pokémon Colosseum Sequel

Detective Pikachu & Sonic the Hedgehog Trailers Show Why Pokemon Endures

Disney’s Star Wars Plans Prove It Learned From Solo’s Blunder

Why Sonic the Hedgehog’s Movie Design Is Being Fixed – and Why It Matters

The Iron Man & Captain Marvel Movies Have Basically the Same Plot

Thor: The Dark World’s Malekith Could Have Been a Great MCU Villain

Star Wars: Palpatine’s Return Actually Ties Into The Last Jedi’s Themes

Akira: The Long, Exhausting History of Hollywood’s Live-Action Movie

Dragon Ball GT’s Ending is Brilliant (But the Rest of the Series Isn’t)

Goku Isn’t Dragon Ball Z’s Main Character (But Neither is Anyone Else)

Captain Marvel Has Out-Earned The Dark Knight – Here’s Why That Matters

Go For It, Nakamura! is the throwback gay rom-com we always needed

Bye Bi Kitty Pryde; The Bi-Erasure and Subtext of Kitty Pryde

The Best Pokemon for you Based on Myers-Briggs Personality Test – Introvert/Extrovert

Dating Sims and the Decline of Japan’s Birthrate

Why Horror Games are Scarier than Movies

Why Overwatch Represents Fan Demand for Diversity in Video Games

Analysis of Reefer Madness

Star Wars First Draft — What Could Have Been

Literature and Marijuana: Counter-Culture History Through the Years

Nightmarish Monsters in Science-Fiction (Inspired by Lovecraft)

History of Science Fiction Parts I, II, and III

Best H.R. Giger Illustration

Is Marrying for Love a Modern Concept?

Dune and Oil — The Real World Influence Behind Frank Herbert’s Dune

Same Sex Couples in History

Is it Possible to be Fat and Healthy?

Louis Armstrong and Marijuana

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