Here is an assortment of lists I have worked on.


Every Child’s Play Movie Ranked, According to Critics

Ranked: Best Dragon Ball Sagas Of All Time

7 Pokémon Spin-Off Films We Want To See (And 3 We Don’t)

7 Things They Changed From DBZ To Dragon Ball GT (And 3 They Kept The Same)

Dragon Ball: Ranking All of Goku’s Forms

10 Forgotten Pokémon Manga (That Are Very Weird)

10 Saddest Pokédex Entries In The Pokemon Games

10 Inspiring Lessons Taught By Wonder Woman

10 Manga to Read If You Liked Alita: Battle Angel

10 Toxic Superhero Romances We Shouldn’t Ship

10 Reasons Why Dick Grayson Is A Better Superhero Than Batman

10 Sci-Fi Novels Too Wild To Adapt Into Film

10 Anime That Should Be Made into Live-Action Films (After Alita: Battle Angel)

10 Fantasy Novels That Would Be Amazing Fantasy Series

Every Godzilla Film, Ranked

10 Awful Spider-Man Stories That Are Still Canon

10 Amazing Anime Without Source Material

5 X-Men Films Who Could Be in a Solo MCU Films (And 5 Who Should Not)

10 Times the X-Men Films Broke Canon

10 Ultra-Violent 80s and 90s Anime You Need to See

Best Anime Mecha You Need to See 

10 Reasons Venom is Becoming an LGBTQA Cult Film

Ranked: 10 Best Superhero Anime

10 Reasons Why Mayday Parker Should Be Spider-Girl in the Female Spider-Verse Spin-Off

15 Must-Watch Anime (for DnD Players)


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