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William Shatner Reacts to Starfleet Logo on Mars by Trash Talking Star Wars

My Hero Academia Season 4 Gets Teaser, Release Date

Two Avengers Know Which Presidential Candidate is Worthy to Lift Mjolnir

Thousands Petition For Marvel to Cast Danny DeVito As Wolverine

Hal Jordan Assembles a Multiversal Green Lantern Corps This Summer

George Clooney Admits He Wasn’t Good in Batman & Robin

The CW and Netflix Will Not Renew Streaming Partnership

Avengers: Endgame – China Disciplines Employees Skipping Work for Film

Metroid & Castlevania Almost Became Completely Unrecognizable Cartoons

Oni Press, Lion Forge Announce Merger

Missouri Senator Wants to Ban Video Game Loot Boxes

Detective Pikachu Director Reacts to Sonic The Hedgehog Backlash, Redesign

Venom Writer Teases ‘Cool Secret’ Project with Daredevil Star

Heroes in Crisis Writer Tom King Has Received Death Threats Over Issue #8

Disney+ Isn’t Looking to Dethrone Netflix

Dragon Ball Super: Broly Producer Addresses Series’ Future

Inuyasha Creator Rumiko Takahashi’s Next Manga to Debut in May

This Avenger Has Been Named ‘Most Valuable Hero’ in the MCU

After Solo’s Stumble, Lucasfilm Learned There’s a ‘Cadence’ to Star Wars

Star Wars: Episode IX’s Abrams Says Rose Is the Best Thing Rian Johnson Did

Neil Gaiman Still ‘Very, Very Hopeful’ Marvel Will Finish Miracleman

Cable Almost Appeared – and Died – in Singer’s X-Men: Days of Future Past

Mortal Kombat Co-Creator Wants to Make a Marvel vs. DC Game

Ghostbusters 3 Star Didn’t Know What He Was Auditioning For Due to Secrecy

Power Rangers: The Psycho Rangers Return in Boom! Studios Graphic Novel

RUMOR: Marvel Studios Looking to Use Deathlok

Steven Universe Wins GLAAD Award For Its LGBT Representation

Dark Phoenix Director Reveals Which MCU Hero He Wants in An X-Men Movie

Russo Brothers’ MCU Films Are Tied Together By One Key Factor

Zack Snyder on Avengers Movies: ‘You Also Have to Be Open to Other Things’

The New Mutants: Even Maisie Williams Has No Idea What’s Going On

Chris Evans Reveals His Favorite Childhood Superhero (It Wasn’t Cap)

Dragon Ball’s Rial Withdraws from KamehaCon Following Mignogna Announcement

Original Neon Genesis Evangelion Dub Actors React to Netflix’s Recasting

New My Hero Academia Movie In Development for Late 2019

Rogue One: A Star Wars Story Almost Ended With a Wedding

Detective Pikachu May Lead to a Full-On Pokémon Cinematic Universe


How Evangelion’s Netflix Dub Compares to the ADV Original

Ingress: The Animation is an Enjoyable, Yet Flawed Sci-Fi Anime Adaptation

A Biblical Epic with Beautiful Characters, But a Messy Story (The Knights of the Golden Sun #4 Comic)

A Good Issue for Dr. Strange…but a Poor 400th Issue (Dr. Strange #10)

Cool Surrealist Fantasy…but Where’s Wonder Woman? (Wonder Woman #63 Comic Review)

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